Anti Slip Solutions

Permanent and invisable anti slip solutions with warrnatee and international compliance certificate for floorings and showers/bathtubs for ceramic, marble, granite, slade, acrylic, polyplast, enamel. Easy to clean, doesn't yellowing and doesn't come of.

Concerning areas: 

  • Pool decks, spa, changing/lockerrooms.
  • Bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, balconies
  • Kitchens, stuwarding, receiving, pot wash
  • Restaurants, terraces, pedstrian areas


  • Up to 5 years warrantee
  • International Compliance Certificate

Stone Care Solutions

Stain-out, restoring and protection for marble, granite, slade and any other natural stone against stains, decolorization, mold, lime scale etc.


  • Marble, Granite
  • Slade, Terrazzo
  • Engineered stones


  • We start where others stop

Fire Retardant Impregnations

Fire retardant impregnations in situ of your interior and exterior. Comes with a professional report and Compliance Certificate. 


  • Natural and synthetic fabrics
  • Straw and tached roofs
  • Wood 


  • Compliance Certificate

Glass Solutions

Permanent armour against glass contamination. Save dramatically on timeconsuming cleaning and polishing.

Applications for

  • Inside and outside glass
  • Shower doors
  • Solar panels 


  • Up to 5 years warrantee