How fire retardant are you?

Fire safety becomes more and more important. Especially within the hospitality industry you have great responsibilities towards your guests and staff. All fabrics and combusting materials as curtains, carpets, furniture, Ramadan tents, maljis tents, straw roofs etc. have to be fire retardant. This is mandatory by Civil Defense.

Most materials are fire retardant when installed (they should be). Those impregnations are actually water based and will be vanished after washing, shampooing or deep cleaning. The safety of your hospitality is no longer secured.

Not only you or your guests and staff are concerned with fire security, but also insurance companies are demanding certain standards and protocols be met.

Fire retardant treatment and certification

Hotel Safety Solutions is specialized in three services when it comes to fire retardation:

• Impregnation of natural and synthetic materials for fire retardation.
• Offering fire retardant impregnations in situation of your interior and exterior.
• Providing a complete professional report and certificate for the application and the used products.

So, how fire safe are you?

Our expertise

In exclusive partnership with Fire Resistant in The Netherlands, we offer you years of experience and core-knowledge of combustible materials which are the basis to become an all-round expert organization in fire prevention.

Fire Resistant is the developer and producer of flame retardant products under the brand name of Flame-Fix®. All products are based on the European documented standards and approved by DCD.
Worked successfully in partnership with international organizations such as hotelchains and building companies, these organizations recognize that fire security is not merely a focus point, it is a prerequisite. This may not always be evident when working with thatched roofs, wood, textiles, paper and cartons.

 Consumers are becoming ever more aware and vocal of the dangers here. Large fires with disastrous effects are widely known and as such industries are responsible for the products it provides.

The Fire retardation with 3 years warranty and compliance certificate. (DCD certification)

Fire Retardant impregnations

Our fire retardant treatments are appliable for curtains, carpets, upholsteries, furniture, Ramadan/shisha/maljis tents, gazibo’s, straw, thatch, reed, palm leave roofs, artificial plants and decorations, Chrismas trees, etc.

Benefits of Hotel Safety Fire Retardant Impregnation

• Certified products.
• Certified applications.
• 3 years warranty.
• Application in situation (spraying).
• Environment safe and friendly products:
• Odorless, no VOC’s.
• No health risks for humans and flora/fauna.
• No health risks when inhaled.
• No irritation forpets and human skin.
• No deterioration of protection.
• Impregnation instead of top coatings.
• One step treatment.
• No effect on materials like color or texture.

Applied Standards

• Woods, straw:
• Euro Class B, S2 & D0 norms
• NEN 6065 Class 1, Class 2
• NF P 92-501 and NF P 92-504 Class A1, Class 2
• NEN-EN 13501-1 Class B, Class C
• NEN 13501-5:2005/AC: 2008
• Textiles, Paper and Cartons
• ISO 6940 & 6941
• New European NEN norm 1101 & 1102

Assessments, certification and 3rd Party Inspection fire retardation

Most materials are fire retardant when installed (they should be). This is mandatory by Civil Defense. But are they? How sure are you and what is the valid of certificate of the supplier considering those impregnations are actually water based and will be vanished after washing, shampooing or cleaning. The safety of your hospitality is no longer secured.

Hotel Safety Solutions offer you a 3rd party Fire Safety Inspection of all concerned materials after placing or installation. The method is a non-hazardous and safe chemical based test. When compliant we can offer you a certificate.

Why should you assess ?

• Compliant materials can get certified.
• Social responsibility towards guests and staff.
• Shows status quo of fire retardant of materials.
• Opportunity to consider appropriate action for identified concerning areas.

Benefits of certification

• Discount on your insurance bills.
• Shows safety of your premises and facilities.
• Protects you against injury compensations.
• Avoids negative publicity.

Test Protocols:

• ENV 1187/A1: 2005: test 1
• EN 13501-5:2005AC: (2008)
• EN ISO/IEC17025: 99


• Fire retardant impregnations & treatments
• Fire retardant compliance tests
• 3rd Party inspections

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