How anti slip are your floors?

Each type of flooring requires a particular friction coëfficient for its purpose. Even though floorings should be anti slip compliant with the international standards, many floors become critical or even fail when wet. Even more important is to be safe in a hospitality, public and professional environment.

Our anti slip treatment could be the solution. It is compulsory and your social responsibility to be compliant with the international safety standards and regulations in order to provide your guests and staff a safe (work) environment.

We can provide anti slip treatments for hotels, pool decks, bathrooms, bathtubs, showers, spa’s, kitchens, restaurants, buffets, stewarding, pantries, terraces, lobby’s, entrances, stairs, ramps, pedestrian areas etc.

So, how safe are your floors?

Professional slip risk assesment and certification
Hotel Safety Solutions offers slip risk assessments of your floorings what comes with a complete professional slip risk assessment report. When a floor turns out to be compliant with the international regulations (EU/US/UK/BS) we will provide you with a Safety Compliance Certificate.

The Hotel Safety anti slip system
This system is specially designed to increase the friction of slippery floors in wet and dry situations. Hotel Safety anti-slip is a professionally applied and anti-slip treatment for floorings in hospitality, commercial, institutional and industrial properties to minimize risk of slips and falls.

Hotel Safety Non-Slip is an invisible anti slip solution which produces coëfficient of friction levels that are safer in wet and dry conditions. Hotel Safety anti-slip is non-acid and biodegradable. After treatment the friction of the floorings will be increased dramatically.
The anti-slip solution with 5 years warranty and compliance certificate.

Benefits of Hotel Safety Solutions anti slip
• Floors ready to use direct after installation.
• No disturbing for guests or staff.
• No-acid, biodegradable, “green” products.
• No visually amending the appearance of the floor.

Applied Standards
• HSL/HSE/HSA in accordance with
• British Standard, BS: 7976-2 (2002)
• The UK Slip Resistance Group (2005)

Note: “British Standards” are produced by BSI Group which is incorporated under a Royal Charter and is formally designated as the National Standards Body (NSB) for the UK and recognized worldwide. BS-7976 is for slip resistance.

Benefits of antislip assessments and certification
• Shows safety of your premises floorings, bathing and leisure facilities.
• Protects you against injury compensations.
• Avoids negative publicity.

Why should you assess?
• Compliant floorings can get certified.
• Social responsibility towards guests and staff.
• Shows status quo of floor safety level.
• Opportunity to consider appropriate action for identified concerning areas.

How do we define slippery?
• Each type of floor requires a particular friction coefficient (CoF) to be safe for its purpose. (f.i. a dancing floor requires different grip level than a gym floor).
• These CoF’s or grip levels are guide-lined by several international bodies.
• By the measurement results against the standards by using special devices.

Test Protocols:
• ASTM E303 – CTIOA: BS:7976.2
• Item No 5 Slip Resistance of Floors, Stairs & Pavings
• GLC Department of Architecture & Civil Design: March 1971
• UK Slip Group, Issue 3 November 2005.
• BS: 8204 4586. AS/NZS ISO Draft Standard 10454-17.
• European Council Directive. Article 16 (1) of Directive 89/391/EEC)(89/654/EEC) 9.1, Bulletin No 43 (2nd Series).

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